5 Photo Mockup Examples for Your Next Project

by Kaleb Dean

Photo Mockups are great for showcasing your work in a creative way. They're easy to create and customize, so you can show off your skills without spending hours creating graphics.

The First Step is to Choose a Theme

Before you delve too deep into Photo Mockups, choose a theme. You can imagine how you want to represent your project or brand and then choose mockups that match that. Hint: choose a theme that looks professional and realistic so you can get that job, more clients, or win that design award you're hoping for!

There are hundreds of free templates available online, but we recommend using one of our premium templates because they're designed specifically for professional designers. Many sites offer cheap, digitally rendered mockups, or free mockups that get used too often. We keep our mockups up-to-date, professionally created, and perfect for your design project!

1. City Banner Mockup Portrait

City banner mockups are a great way to show off your work. Designers make work to be seen, and a city banner is seen by everyone who walks by! This mockup can be used by brands, restaurants, service providers and more. Any client who is might advertise could envision their work on this banner mockup.

City Banner Mockup Portrait

2. Outdoor Billboard Mockup Urban City

Billboard mockups are a huge form of advertising for clients. Show off your design work with this billboard mockup of a city billboard at night!

Outdoor Billboard Mockup Urban City

3. Divvy Bike Stand Daytime Billboard Mockup Landscape

Brands love to work with each other in order to mutually benefit. Divvy bike stands now offer advertising space for companies, so show off your work in this Divvy Bike Stand Mockup.

Divvy Bike Stand Daytime Billboard Mockup Landscape

4. Business Card Mockup on Craft Paper

Business cards are the staple of not only businesses, but also designers who want to show how they can work information into a confined space. This business card mockup is great to show the front and back of your work.

Business Card Mockup on Craft Paper

5. Cone Mockup Urban City on Sidewalk

And to grab the attention of other designers, new clients, and friends on social media, show off your work in something different, like this street cone! We made this one so you can customize the design and the color of the cone separately!

Cone Mockup Urban City on Sidewalk

Pro Tip: Vary Mockup Sizes

If you're looking for more than just a simple square or rectangle, try varying the size of your images. This will help you stand out from other brands and give your project a unique feel. Plus, different people look at projects on different screens—landscape mockups look best on desktop computers while portrait mockups look better on mobile devices.